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Want a unique and educational experience unlike anything you've done before?

Learn about the intriguing world of honeybees in a way that few get to experience through the hands­-on exploration of an active, living beehive! Your tour, led by a professional beekeeper, will include suiting up in protective gear, lighting a bee smoker, and getting up close with more than 100,000 bees. Each tour is a minimum of 2, and maximum of 6 people, providing you an intimate experience of this fascinating species.

You will walk away with a better understanding of the importance of honeybees and why their survival is so important.

See firsthand why bees aren’t nearly as scary as many of us think! Watch honeybees at work creating honey, witness as new bees are ‘born’, and learn more about what you can do to help the health and survival of this vital species. You may even meet a Queen!

Tours include a taste of honey fresh from the hive.

Hive tours are run from May through September, dependent on weather. Available tour times will vary depending on season to limit disturbance of hive activities.

Wear long sturdy pants and closed toe shoes that cover the ankle. We provide the bee suits and gloves.

Tours last approximately 1.5 hrs.

Apiary Beehive Tour