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Our Story

About Us:

We’re obsessed with honeybees and beekeeping! 

There is nothing like opening a healthy beehive and literally feeling the buzz of 30,000-50,000 honeybees while smelling the amazing fragrance of propolis, beeswax, pollen, royal jelly and honey. The hive air (Apitherapy Beehive Aerosol) is said to strengthen the immune system and overall lung health.

The meditative qualities of spending time with honeybees is miraculous too. 

When working with honeybees your energy must be calm and your focus on being mindful and present. Your actions must be slow and deliberate. You become connected with the bees and with nature. 


What We Do:

  • We take pride in providing pure, raw and unfiltered honey, also beeswax and honeybee propolis, all of which are sustainably harvested from organically managed honeybees. 

  • We are passionate about organic beekeeping and advocating to save native bees.

  • We give back to our community- A portion of every loaf of soap we create and honey from every harvest is donated to local shelters and food banks.

  • We provide over 100 hours of education each year to boost awareness of the importance and plight of the honeybee through school visits and community events with our educational observation hive and also apiary beehive tours. 

  • We are beekeeper mentors with HIVES FOR HEROS. A non-profit organization focusing on honeybee conservation and a healthy transition from military service. To save the bees and safe the vets.

  • Our specialty is creamed honey (aka: whipped or spun) and herbal infused honey. We also feature annual varietals of wildflower, and sourwood honey.

  • Our products are certified Appalachian Grown by the ASAP (Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project)

  • We mind our beeswax and our organic herb gardens to create some amazing lip balms, lotion bars, wax wraps and cold process soaps using only the highest quality ingredients. 

  • We feature both personal and corporate hive adoption/hive share opportunities.

  •  We offer private and public gourmet honey tasting events.


Our Journey:


2006 Pam was in a near-fatal car accident. She struggled to heal and find something to make life meaningful. With unrelenting pain and a need to stay connected to the outside world, we searched for remedies that could address both issues. Honeybee Bliss is the culmination of the quest to help Pam with her chronic pain that she refuses to numb with narcotics, coupled with our love of organic gardening and passion for saving the bees.


2006 We began beekeeping and were instantly obsessed. We started our quest to collect as much information as possible to manage our honeybees organically. It was our goal to make a positive impact on the environment by helping the honeybees thrive. 


2013 We took courses at the world renown Fragonard Parfum Factory in Eze, France, located on the spectacular French Riviera. There we learned the French technique of soapmaking and the ancient art of using a copper alembic still to extract essential oil and hydrosols from plant matter. 


2013 We further studied ancient alembic still extraction methods and essential oil blending at Ouahada Tunisie Essential Oil Factory in Tunisia, North Africa. Today we use our own copper alembic stills to create essential oils from our home-grown organic herbs and flowers. We incorporate these oils into our soaps, lotion bars and lip balms.


2019 We studied medicinal plants and became Master Herbalists through a course offered through Cornell University. 


2019 We met beekeepers at prominent Christmas Markets along the Danube River, also Amsterdam and Prague to explore European market display techniques as well as old world sustainable beekeeping practices. Here we learned the value of propolis! *We think propolis is the most important thing honeybees create. It’s a resinous material that is antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial and can be used to treat skin wounds, oral infection and can also be taken orally to both soothe a sore throat and boost immune systems.


2020 It was time to share our honey, propolis and wax products with the public at the beautiful Hendersonville Farmers Market at the Historic Train Depot.  Here we’re able to showcase our products in their elegant new label designs created by artist Suzanne Vitti! 

The Market has been a fantastic opportunity to introduce our sweet honeybees to people with our observation hive, and let customers enjoy a honey tasting experience.  We also began doing fun pop-up markets and educational opportunities featuring our observation beehive.


2021 We became Honey Sommeliers through a joint course of The Italian National Register of Experts in the Sensory Analysis of Honey and The American Honey Tasting Society. 


 2022 Following our passion, we joined the Leadership Committee at Hendersonville Bee City USA. Hendersonville Tree Board and Bullington Gardens have created a new partnership to coordinate and expand Hendersonville’s commitment to its Bee City USA initiative in order to create healthy habitats for pollinators.


2022  Apiary management, queen biology, and queen rearing courses taken at The Pennsylvania State University, College of Agricultural Sciences have helped us enhance our queen breeding apiary to improve the genetics of our bees and increase the outcome of our apiaries. 


2023  Here we GROW! We're now sharing our love for honey and honeybees at 3 local Farmers Markets! You can find us at the following:

You can also find our honey at some of your favorite locations:


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