Honeybee Bliss

Treat yourself to the luxury and power of nature from our apiary in the beautiful NC Mountains. Our honey is always pure, raw and unfiltered so it retains all the properties that raw honey is celebrated for. We take pride in creating modern, luxurious honey, propolis and wax products in small batches with dedication to quality and purity. 

We strive to BEE THE CHANGE:

  • We give back to our community- A portion of every loaf of soap we create is donated to local shelters and food banks.

  • We provide education to boost awareness of the importance and plight of the honeybee through hive tours and our honeybee observation hive. 

  • To safeguard and sustain honeybees, for the livelihood of both bees and humans while managing our bees holistically without the use of toxins. 


We practice the ancient art of alembic distillation, which we learned at the Fragonard Perfume Factory in Eze, France. Our handcrafted copper alembic stills are used to create essential oils and hydrosols from our own organic plants and flowers. 






The formation of Honeybee Bliss was pure serendipity. Many aspects of the journey were out of our control. One moment I was building our family a new home, and the next moment my wife was fighting for her life, in a body cast for nearly a year.


Honeybee Bliss is the culmination of the quest to help my wife with her chronic pain that she refuses to numb with narcotics, coupled with my love of organic gardening and passion for saving the bees.


My wife, Pam was in a near-fatal car accident in 2006 and her permanent injuries made it impossible for her to return to work. While she struggled to heal and find something to make life meaningful, we continued to cultivate our herb gardens and began creating essential oils and hand-crafted soap.


With unrelenting pain and a need to stay connected to the outside world, we continued to search for remedies that could address both issues. Additionally, we hoped we could help others suffering from chronic pain.


Since we live far off the beaten path and Pam couldn’t get out much, we started collecting a menagerie of fun and amusing animals. It began with peacocks, then miniature Babydoll sheep. They needed a guardian llama, the llama needed a friend alpaca. We already had so many animals - why not get an emu, turkeys, exotic chicken, geese, a miniature horse, and a goat.


This led to us offering Animal Assisted Therapy sessions at our home with special needs and foster children. We had social workers and psychologists come to our farm with a group of children every week. It was a great experience for Pam and we could tell it made a difference in the children’s lives. This was an initial phase in her healing process that brought many gifts and some challenges, which caused us to look into other ways to contribute.


While these and other creative pursuits brought meaning to our lives, Pam’s pain increased and we needed to find better holistic remedies to offer relief.


Fast-forward to 2018; CBD recently became legal in all 50 states. After much encouragement to explore its health benefits, our path to Honeybee Bliss was discovered.  We learned that honey is one of the most easily digested forms of carbohydrates and the optimal partner to transport the many benefits of CBD quickly into your bloodstream.


CBD has now replaced five different drugs for Pam. When she was on those medications, I recognized major differences in her behavior. She was not the same person.


If you are suffering from pain, we encourage you to speak with your doctor about using CBD. Luckily, it has been transformative for Pam’s journey to healing. Although she is still in significant pain, CBD provides more relief than anything else has, including narcotics. And now I have my wife back!

Our Story