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Feeling the BUZZzzzzz

Have you heard that Beekeepers live longer than people in any other profession?! This has been widely circulated on social media. So, it's gotta be true, right? It's said to be associated with the vibration in the musical key of C from a healthy hive.

I haven't found any research to back this up, but while looking for scientific proof, I found this study that shows beekeepers have significantly longer telomere length as compared to non-beekeepers." In addition, they discovered that longer period of consumption of bee products is associated with longer telomere length. Also, an increase in frequency of bee product consumption per day was associated with longer telomere length."

(Shorter telomere length has been associated with ageing and human age associated diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.)

🐝Back to the buzzing in the key of C. The theory is that "when you put somebody with PTSD in the presence of a beehive, that C re-tunes their cognitive dissonance of post-traumatic stress. Over the course of a few months that PTSD can go away simply by being in the resonant frequency of the key of C from bees." I can't find any proof of this, and maybe it's not true, but I do know that the meditative quality of spending time with honeybees is miraculous and has helped me with severe anxiety, pain related depression and PTSD!

I love to open a hive and feel the vibration of tens of thousands of honeybees, smell the propolis, wax and honey. Watch them as they work together to maintain and defend their colony. It's both a wild rush and calming at the same time. When working with honeybees your energy must be calm and your focus on being mindful and present. Your actions must be slow and deliberate. You become connected with the bees and with nature in such a magical way. The more time I spend in our apiary, the better I feel. I can absolutely say that there is something special about my time with these amazing creatures.

Grab a spoonful of honey to grow your telomeres and enjoy these clips from some recent hive inspections and a swarm we caught last week so you can feel the BUZZzzzzz with us just in case the theory of the key of C is true!:


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