Our Amazing Essential Oils

One of the best things about growing an organic vegetable, herb, and flower garden is to harvest the garden goodness at its peak and process it into something really special!

Among our favorite things to use our flowers and herbs for is the creation of essential oils and hydrosols.

We practice the ancient science of alembic distillation with a copper still, which we learned in 2013 at the Fragonard Perfume Factory in Eze, France.

Our handcrafted copper alembic still, which itself is a work of art, is used to create the highest grade essential oils and hydrosols fresh from our garden. Using

the still is equal parts art, science and FUN!

It amazes us that such a substantial amount of flowers and plant materials are needed to produce a few drops of essential oil. It's totally worth the effort and once you have smelled our luxurious soaps, lotion bars and BlissStick lip balms, you'll immediately understand the difference!

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