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Our Gourmet Honey Infusions are made with the finest raw and unfiltered honey from organically managed honeybees, infused with organic ingredients for a delicious and unique flavor experience. Each jar is carefully crafted to ensure that the natural flavors of the honey and the organic ingredients complement each other perfectly.


From Blueberry Lavender to Carolina Reaper, these infusions are perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your tea, toast, or charcuterie board. Treat yourself to the rich taste and health benefits of our Gourmet Honey Infusions, straight from our hive to your table.


• Baklava

This honey infusion was created for the Asheville Greek Festival. It was a huge hit and approved even by Greek baklava bakers!! It's a taste of baklava without the filo dough. PERFECT on a croissant, ice cream, graham cracker, cinnamon bagel, french toast. Honestly, I love this one on a spoon. Contains raw honey, pistachios, walnuts, vanilla bean, cinnamon, and clove.


•HOT! Carolina Reaper

Use caution! This honey tastes sweet at first, but the heat sneaks up, catches you off guard, and lingers. A little goes a long way. Created in micro-batches with pure raw wildflower honey, organic homegrown Carolina Reaper peppers. We LOVE this on corn on the cob and on grilled watermelon! Enjoy it drizzled on PIZZA, fried chicken, in a vinaigrette, slathered on a tomato sandwich, as a simple syrup in alcoholic beverages, as a dip or drizzle for meats. Contains 100% pure raw honey, organic homegrown Carolina Reaper pepper.


•Raspberry Rose-

*Sold out until our next harvest.

This is our charcuterie go-to. It's a delicious blend of organic raspberries and roses infused into wildflower honey. Try it over ice cream or sharp cheddar. Use it in your tea. I love this one drizzled over quiche!


•Blueberry Lavender

Created in micro-batches with pure raw wildflower honey, freeze-dried organic blueberries, and our own homegrown organic French lavender buds. An elegant calming blend. Enjoy it with tea & coffee, drizzled on soft cheese or yogurt, as a simple syrup in alcoholic beverages or lemonade, slathered on toast, English muffins, pancakes & waffles. We created this one specifically for drizzling on soft cheese. Try it on your next charcuterie tray over goat cheese or brie! Contains 100% pure raw honey, organic blueberries, French lavender buds, and organic lime.


•Fennel & Orange

The taste of Sicily! This delicious honey infusion was inspired by our friend at a local Italian cooking school (Thanks, Launa at!) So delicious drizzled on biscotti; whisked into a vinaigrette; basted onto a piece of roasted cod; sauteed with butter and ricotta ravioli. Delizioso!! Contains 100% pure raw honey, freeze-dried organic oranges, and fennel seed.


•Pumpkin Spice

An irresistible blend of wholesome goodness! Created in micro-batches with pure raw wildflower honey and a deliciously spicy blend. Enjoy it with pancakes & waffles, slathered on toast & English muffins, as an apple or pear dip, as a simple syrup in alcoholic beverages (think updated Mule!) Contains 100% pure raw honey, organic cinnamon sticks, Ceylon cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove, allspice, and nutmeg.


•Apple & Cinnamon

Organic Honeycrisp apples with two types of cinnamon (Ceylon and Cassia.) We went big on flavor here, so a little goes a long way. Try it on coffee cake, any bread, ice cream, or oatmeal. I love this in my coffee!


•Rosy Disposition

Floral and fruity with a light ginger kick! Created in micro-batches with pure raw wildflower honey, our own homegrown organic rose hips, lemongrass, ginger, and lemon. This is PERFECT drizzled over your charcuterie tray and pairs well with pork and sharp or hard cheeses. Enjoy it with tea (especially earl grey), as a simple syrup in alcoholic beverages or lemonade (makes a great margarita!), drizzled over fruit salad, as a cucumber dip. Contains 100% pure raw honey, organic roses, lemongrass, ginger, and lemon oil.


•WILD Violet

*Sold out until our next harvest.

We harvest the Wild Violets before dawn in early spring to retain both the flavor and nutritional content of these delicate flowers. When this is sold out there will not be another batch until next spring. The violet flavor is very delicate. It pairs well with lemon and is delicious drizzled on a lemon pound cake or stirred into lemonade.



•HOT Cocoa

Hot Carolina Reaper Pepper and Cocoa Superfood- Our delicious hot cocoa honey is the perfect guilt-free treat for chocolate lovers! The rich, decadent flavor of velvety smooth, gooey chocolate has a spicy kick without any dairy, fat, or cholesterol. Created in micro-batches with pure raw wildflower honey, organic cocoa, and homegrown Carolina Reaper peppers. Enjoy it with coffee, croissants or scones, drizzled over ice cream or yogurt, as a fruit topping, stirred into warm milk, straight from a spoon, as a banana dip, in place of chocolate sauce. Contains 100% pure raw honey, organic cocoa, and Carolina Reaper peppers.



Cookie-inspired with roasted almond slivers and citrus infused into wildflower honey make this a real treat, especially on toast or a biscuit. I love it drizzled on ice cream topped with a pizzelle cookie. It's also perfect with Brie or goat cheese.


Choose from these fabulous infusions beautifully packaged in a 12 oz glass hexagon jar.

Gourmet Honey Infusions

  • Do Not Refrigerate. Do Not Microwave.

    if honey goes through a significant temperature change, as in shipping, crystallization may occur. It's not a problem. In fact, the crystals prove that your honey is high quality and hasn’t been processed. It means that nutritious pollen hasn’t been filtered out and important enzymes haven’t been damaged by pasteurization.


    To correct it, simply warm the jar in a hot pot of water to re-liquefy. We recommend not heating it over 100 degrees to prevent the loss of enzymes and raw honey benefits.

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