Farm Fresh Honey & Propolis Soap

An exceptional cleansing experience with luxuriously rich and mousturizing suds.

  • Honey is a humectant to keep your skin supple and moisturized while propolis is antiviral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial!
  • Propolis is perhaps the most important thing honeybees create. They make it to sanitize, disinfect and seal their hive.


This is our signature handcrafted cold process bar soap. We combine essential oil from organic herbs and flowers grown and distilled right here on the farm combined with honey and propolis from the happy, holistically managed honeybees at our mountain apiary.


Each oversized handcrafted 5 oz soap bar contains our own honey and propolis in an organic oil blend of: sweet almond oil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, castor, coconut, and jojoba.With your choice of the following infusions:#1-Lemon oil, tea tree oil, green tea, ginseng#2- Lavender#3-Rose hip & rose oil#4 Pure honey & Propolis *Lovingly created in micro-batches*Vegan.

Farm Fresh Honey & Propolis Soap

  • We are proud to donate bars of soap from every soap loaf we create to our local food pantry and homeless shelter.